Can you use lorem ipsum or reuse text from the examples on Responsive Web Design Projects

I’m working on the Responsive Web Design certificate projects. I’m curious to know if it’s okay to recycle the text or use lorem ipsum for projects like the Documentation page. Is there a way to tell that the work is genuine even if the text is recycled? How so? Any response on this is appreciated. I want my work to be up to standards, I’m just asking because it looks like most people won’t recycle test. I want to know if it’s required to use different material.

i used Bob Ross Lipsum. you can actually build a documentation page but there is nothing wrong with using lipsum. It’s standard filler.

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Thanks. I started using the text from the given example, but I’m worried that it won’t look like I did the work. I might switch to ipsum/lipsum just for the basic idea and to avoid confusion. Also Bob Ross++