Cancel/they are there, just inside Github

Cancel/they are there, just inside Github.

I’m about one month worth of experience of coding so dont take what i say for granted.

For exercises i’ve just searched on Youtube for beginner project for python, and most basic projects has been done by thousands of ppl so finding solutions or help is not an issue. My oppinion is that instead of doing smaller exercises work on small projects instead so you see the complete picture. Most guides on YT have exercises to follow then either create ur own variant of that or implement a few lessons into a small project of your own.

For an IDE personally i use PyCharm. This was highly rated when i searched for text editors for python. I think it’s a nice tool but havnt tried anything else.

But generally atleast for me when it comes to learning new stuff jumping into it straight away instead of doing exercises or watching toturials is the best way to pick something up fast. But getting a basic knowledge of the foundation is ofc neccessary.

Thanks for those thoughts, what you mentioned last, getting knowledge of the foundation, is the stage I’m at, so any/all practice along the way will help.