Canceling monthly pledge

I have pledged $x monthly until I earn a full-stack web developer certificate. I would like to have the ability to cancel this pledge. How can I do so?

P.S I know related questions have been asked but there is no definite answer.

If your pledge is via PayPal, you can cancel it through PayPal. If you did it on a credit card, you can email

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It’s through a credit card. I have sent an email. Thank you for your response.

I have sent two emails and tried calling the number on the receipt. No response.

@QuincyLarson - is there any way that a camper can escalate a request like this so it gets addressed before the next billing cycle. I know that the Stripe API only allows admins to cancel “subscriptions”. (At least the last time I looked at it.)

Hi @ArielLeslie. Emailing is the best way. I manually go through these and end them. I was just a few days behind schedule, but I’ve caught up and addressed this particular camper’s request.

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