CandyCrush in HTML/CSS

I just enrolled in college a few weeks ago.

My programming teacher gave us our first assignment where we are going to make an easy Game-related website. I asked him (as a joke) if i would pass if i remade candy crush using only HTML/CSS. and he said Yes.

So basically i have no idea how i would do this. were not allowed to use javascript or any other language.

would it be possible to make a fixed game where you only have one option at a time? and make animations? sorta like the ads for Candycrush replica games?

In my opinion, you will only get so far with remaking candy crush using JUST html and css. You’d be able to create the grid for the game, put the different candy items in each cell and make it look all nice etc. But you’ll find that the interactivity you want to add in to the game, like swapping 2 candy pieces, removing candy if there’s a combination of 3 or more and basically anything that needs a condition will be missing. You will want to use JavaScript or anything similar to make that possible but as you said, you’re not allowed to use that.
You’ve thrown yourself in to the deep end if you want to replicate a game like candy crush but I’m not saying you shouldn’t give it a go anyway. You’ll learn a lot along the way even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you want it to.