Cannot compile/run tests SOLVED SEE BELOW

My browser is not running the tests. I’m not sure why. I reset the whole thing in case this was the issue but its not. Terminal just says //running tests and nothing else. Does anyone have any idea why this is please? Couldn’t find a similar topic on here thanks.

I have just read this may be due to the mass migration to the new look site. Ill hang on a bit and see. Wish I hadn’t started again now but im not that far so its not too bad

Most of the challenges are working, but there are a few that went wonky with the big migration. Thank you for being understanding about that. You won’t have to redo anything that you did before. All your previous progress is still saved to your account, so hopefully this shouldn’t feel like a setback.

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I was using ms edge and have just decided to try chrome and see and it worked!! Thank you for the response