Cannot complete a test while building Personal Portfolio

This is a project I am working on, it is the personal portfolio project and I am not passing one test and it is this one - “The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.” Could someone help me please? Thankyou so much !

So the viewport is essentially the size of the window in the browser. Try using ‘100vh’ instead of pixels. You can adjust the viewport setting with ‘vh’ (view height) and ‘vw’ (view width). Hope that helps

@MarcelPenn hmm… I understand the concept and what it is supposed to do but a little confused on the syntax and where the code would go but working on it.

@MarcelPenn figured it out! thankyou… so the viewport is always at 100vh ?

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Correct, the viewport is 100vh and 100vw, half of the viewport would be 50vh and 50vw, and so on.