Cannot connect to the sign in page locally


After running FCC site locally, I cannot connect to the sign in page.
The sign in button direct to localhost:3000/signin which doesn’t return anything

Am I missing something to access the sign in page locally ?

Frequently, this happens to me. So, no. Generally, you have 2 options:

  1. Restart the server (I usually develop one at a time (npm run develop:server then npm run develop:client in another terminal)
  2. Do not click on any sign-in buttons. Usually, you can just navigate to the curriculum, and you will be signed in.

Hope this helps

Is it a normal behavior then ? (I was thinking about opening an issue for that)
I am working on an issue regarding the profile avatar. That’s why I needed that sign in button

For me, yes. I have brought it up, before. However, I believe it is largely related to the hardware you have when developing fCC. That is, I gave up on developing local-locally, because of bugs caused by low RAM, pinned CPU. Now, I deal with other bugs caused by using remote-local development in GitPod.

I left a message for you on the GitHub issue you replied to.

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