Cannot do the Reactjs course

Hi everyone,

Juste for knowing if anyone has already achieved the Pass State as Props to Child Components’s course for React, since for me with Brave or Firefox it’s too long, then I can’t program on this step (it’s the only one which I’ve this on React’s course)

The url :

Here’s an example :

I can’t do anything, when I click on, the webpage is freezed. So I can’t click on “Ask for Help”, nor click on something.
That’s my issue

We recommend using Chrome to work through the curriculum, though the most current version of Firefox should work just fine.

It works fine for me in Firefox and Brave.

It kind of sounds like you might have an infinite loop which can happen if you try to render a component inside itself. I would suggest you clear your browser cache and see if that makes the challenge page load normally again.

try to clear the cache and go back to that challenge

I’ve tried with Firefox (latest version) and Brave, which uses Chromium. Both have the same issue.
But it works with Chrome, thanks for your help!

It is more likely just because it’s in a browser with a clean cache. That, or you have some extensions installed in the two browsers that are interfering with the challenge.

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