Cannot figure out how to solve: Expand Your Project with External Packages from npm

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I am trying to follow along with this test and I searched the forums up and down and cannot seem to solve this no matter what I try. Below is what I am assuming the test wants me to put inside of the “dependencies”. I am using replit, and whenever I try to change anything inside of the dependencies, it throws up the following error: “Replit: Package operation failed.” So I cannot even run it to then paste the link into the test so it can check it.

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	"dependencies": {
		"express": "^4.14.0"
    "moment": "2.14.0"

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Challenge: Expand Your Project with External Packages from npm

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maybe because of the missing comma.

Comma or no comma, it breaks replit. I have no idea if I am missing something or not.

EDIT: After much trial and error and googling it seems only a single comma is needed on the first “express” package, but not on after the second “moment” package. I was either doing a comma after both of them, or none of them. Doing either would break replit. This was the solution! Thanks!