Cannot get the lesson list to display

I completed a lesson and now none of the lessons are shown. When I click on the /learn button or the freeCodeCamp(.!.) logo the browser just shows the pulsing image.

Wadda I do wrong?

It’s working now. Thanks to whoever did a reset, I guess.

I am facing the same issue currently. please how do i fix this?

Hey guys, same issue here! It loads on my desktop computer but not my laptop, using Chrome on both.

Hello @emoni1988 and @backendwannabe , this could be an issue with the server not having a good connection to update your progress, and getting stuck. Generally, this is only an issue when we experience a high volume of users online.

Please do confirm if this happened immediately after hitting Submit on a lesson? Also, are you still unable to access the /learn page?

The issue started when i wanted to retake the lesson on html.
i just check now, am still unable to access the learn page.

Others have found success in clearing their browser cache, and trying again. On Chrome, it should work to either:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + R
  2. Ctrl and click the refresh button.

For another browser, I suggest Googling the method.

Hope this helps

Thanks is working now.

Thanks @Sky020 it’s working now.