Cannot hand in my solution link

When I submit my solution link to complete a challenge, a message of “Remember to submit your own work.” popped up. It is definitely my own work and I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Thank you!!!

Welcome, greenieng.

If your link contains, it is not your own work.

Remember, if you edit one of the official freeCodeCamp boilerplates on CodePen, it does not actually edit the public PEN - the code is only available on YOUR browser. So, in order to submit your code, you need to fork the freeCodeCamp boilerplate in CodePen, and ensure you have a CodePen account so that you can save the pen.

Hope this clarifies.

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I understand now. Thank you very much.
Yet, I have handed in my previous work wrongly without forking. Can I replace my previous files by handing in new ones?

Yes. Any time you do the following, your user data is updated:

  • Click the I’ve completed this challenge button
  • and click the Submit and continue… button
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