Cannot make Palindrome to run successfully

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Please can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong here?

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function stringWithOnlyAlphanumeric(str) {
//Replace takes regex and a replacemnt string
  return str.replace(/[\W_]/gi, "");
console.log(stringWithOnlyAlphanumeric("Hello, world!@# Iam happy to be here !!!!!!"));
function stringLowercased(str) {
return str.toLowerCase();

const stringReversed = (str) => { 
let result = "";
for (let i=str.lenght-1; i >= 0; i--) {
  result += str[i];
return result;

function palindrome(str) {
//Remove non-alphanumeric characters
const cleanedUpStr = stringWithOnlyAlphanumeric(str);
//Making string lowercase 
const lowercaseStr = stringLowercased(cleanedUpStr);
//Reverse the String
const reversedStr = stringReversed(lowercaseStr);
//Return the conparison of:
//Reversed string equals to lowercase cleaned up string
console.log(`Is "${lowercaseStr}" equals to "${reversedStr}"?`)
return lowercaseStr == reversedStr;
//These are palindromes
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Challenge: Palindrome Checker

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Typo: its str.length :slight_smile:

Ok so I spent a few minutes modifying your code. Im tempted to provide the answer but I wont.

I suggest assigning result to an array and instead of += , push it into the result array . And return a joined result with toLowerCase(). Im sure this is what you tried to do.

Edit: Nvm, It will work even if you only change lenght to length but the above way works too :slight_smile:

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