Cannot pass even though requirement fullfiled: Advanced Node & Express

I am currently at Advanced Node & Express : Setup the Environment. I have done everything as instructed : Add Socket.IO as a dependency, require it as const io = require('')(http);, adding the snippets right on places as instructed, completed the .env files requirements so the glitch can compile without errors.

Basically i’m sure i have done everything correctly. But after submitting solution link to my live app, i failed all the test :sob:, including the most simple ones such as adding as dependency and correctly instantiating them.

Please have a look at my glitch code so far here

Trying to start new glitch to bypass the problem, still does not pass any of the tests even though i have done all of them correctly :sob: I have added the dependency in the package.json, why does the Fcc test engine cannot see that?

I have require it as instructed :

const io = require('')(http);

then instantiated :

io.on('connection', socket => {
  console.log('A user has connected');

inside the designated space inside my code, as instructed. Why does the Fcc test engine cannot see these? Those are right there…!

@Rickard did u pass the test cux am also having the same issue right now. if you pass please you can give me a hint on how you do that.


Sorry, still no luck until now. I’m planning to try again this week, when not busy. But, if still failed, i will try notify the admins directly.