Cannot pass test 11 on metric converter

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I cannot pass test 11 even though my code appears to be doing what is asked. All other tests are passed. What am I missing?

test 11: My return will consist of the initNum , initUnit , returnNum , returnUnit , and string spelling out units in the format '{initNum} {initial_Units} converts to {returnNum} {return_Units}' with the result rounded to 5 decimals.

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from the controller:

  this.getString = function (initNum, initUnit, returnNum, returnUnit) {
    let initial_Units = this.spellOutUnit(initUnit)
    let return_Units = this.spellOutUnit(returnUnit)

    let result = `${initNum} ${initial_Units} converts to ${returnNum} ${return_Units}`;

    return result;

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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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I had the same issue and in my case, it’s because my output for the spelled out units had an “s” in parentheses at the end of each unit to account for situations where the number was only 1 (e.g., “gallon(s)”). The test expects the spelled out units to read “gallons”, “kilometers”, “liters”, and “miles”, so if you don’t have that exact same output, the test will fail.

Yep, this worked! I changed the controller function to return back “gallons”, “Liters” (capitalized), “miles”, “kilometers”, “pounds”, “kilograms” and also changed the unit test expectation as well. It now passes all tests.