Cannot pass tests: Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter

I have following issue:

All functional fcc tests are passing, my app tests are implemented and passing too.

The only thing is testing tests. If you run npm run test you’ll get output to console as 21 passing and then 0 passing .
Fcc testing tool expects it to be 16 passing and 5 passing.

It seems like an issue with configuring mocha, but I assume that in this project all such stuff should be set up beforehand and camper shouldn’t touch these settings. Nevertheless I tried to search for solution and didn’t find any topics in google or docs by keywords similar to “Mocha splitting output”.

Can somebody please give any advice how to solve this?

Link to the project:

I have found solution:
I have used expect function from chai in some tests, but fcc expects me to have at least one assert used.

So I just switched expects to asserts

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