Cannot read length property!

whats to consider and what’s the property here?

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    <h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
    <h2>Defeating your Foe: the Red Dot is Ours!</h2>
    <p>Felines the world over have been waging war on the most persistent of foes. This red nemesis combines both cunning stealth and lightening speed. But chin up, fellow fighters, our time for victory may soon be near.Click here for <a href="length">information about batteries</a></p>

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I think it might be a bug in the tests.

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I take that back.

So expand the window by dragging the editor to be wider. Might be missing a space or something when changing up the code.

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remove the length from within the href=“length” . and if it was not working even before that. then there is a bug move on to the next challenges. the project is the part on which you will be certified. this is your training. and technically you have done right if you didn’t use the “length” text beforehand.

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Also, yeah, there’s no href=“length”, but do set href to and empty string.

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