Cannot see my Coding solutions for the Course?

General Question:

I finished the JS Basic Lesson- but I cant see my solutions for the exercises? Why is it?

I earned the Resp. Certifification and can see all my solutions in the exercises…

Thats not cool…Is it a bug or “wanted”?

I think it is not a bug ,because I have finished this section before ,and it was preserving the solution in any challenge you come back you find it ,and one day I saw that the behavior of saving is changed ,so if you go further along the lessons your gonna not find the previous ones ,
not just in the js basics but in all sections .

Ah ok…thank you for your reply - maybe a “cheater” - defense.

It would be nice for the “real” user.

save you codes here

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No. I will download the solutions if I want to

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BUT: cool tool! I will use it, thanks

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