Cannot See Progress on fCC on New PC

I bought a new PC and when I log FCC via email I can’t see the progress or the usual settings

Hello there,

freeCodeCamp uses email addresses to identify user accounts. This means, campers are able to log in though any method offered, and, provided the emails are the same, the same account will be logged into.

However, if you have changed your email address on any authentication method (e.g. GitHub), then you will not be able to log in through that method, until you have updated your freeCodeCamp account.

So, some things to ensure:

  1. Are you certain you were logged in, on your previous PC?
  2. Are you certain you used the current email address to register?
  3. Have you changed email on any of the offered authentication methods? Have you tried logging in through another method?

My method of choice have always been email in either PC (not google or github), otherwise I could not expect progress and settings to be saved right? The email is always the same. Bujt now the profile doesn’t even show my name which always did.

if you are really sure about that, you may need to contact support:

I decide to log with google instead of email (the email was gmail eitherwise) and found my settings and progress back. Thank you all!!