Cannot see some of the repl's in my account


It seems i cannot see some of the python solution repl’s in my account, specifically the first 2, because i think i did them anonymously. I wasn’t 100% aware of how the platform works when i started and created the account later i guess.

Does that affect an eventual request for certification?

When i try to view the solutions that were done anonymously, it says “You’re not the owner of this repl”.

Thank you!

if your account is audited for the academic honesty pledge and your solutions are not visible, your cert can be revocked

So should i rewrite those solution into my actual account? In the curriculum those specific projects appear as already done. If they are compared to my previous submitted code (anonymously), certification might be rejected for plagiarism, i guess, although it was also me…

you have submitted the link, and it’s that link that would be checked, if you can’t see anything I don’t think that anyone else would have a different result

you totally need to submit a link with visible code

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