Cannot Sign in, into free code camp[see logo pic in top and details about it below]

I cannot click any buttons like sign in using Google, email or anything like that. The free code camp logo is also a dummy pic which loads when the real logo fails to load, What should I do? In my Linux Mx when this occurred I had to refresh repeatedly until the logo appeared/loaded then I could click sign in but right now in another Windows 7 laptop I am unable to sign or see the logo even when I refresh repeatedly, What to do in this case? I tried loggging in through incognito mode, cleared the caches, history etc nothing worked. What should I do?

Same issue. MacbookPro - Mozilla Firefox, up to date.

Found this issue trying to troubleshoot why I couldn’t login on Chrome. I’ve emailed FreeCodeCamp support about my account not working, but hadn’t encountered the Mozilla issue yet.

There’s a bit of irony here, haha! I’ll update if I find out anything from support.

EDIT: Got it to work on Mozilla by refreshing until the logo appeared. However, I’m now 99% sure my issue is a duplicate account issue. Kind of confused why account creation and login are both the same process? Seems like this is solvable by having both sign in and sign up as options. There’s probably a good reason, though.