Cannot use Coding Interview Preparation after earned all certification

Hi there,
I claimed all three certifications today. :smile: However, I still cannot use Coding Interview Preparation section. It still shows me “o qualify for this coding interview training, you must first earn all four certifications: Front End, Data Visualization, Back End, and Full Stack.” So, I get a little bit confuse. Do I miss anything that is required by interview training? Anyone has some clue? Thank you so much.

I claimed all three certifications today.
you must first earn all four certifications

Thank you for your reply. I have already gotten four certifications due to the full stack certification was issued automatically after you got front-end and back-end certification. However, I still cannot unlock Coding Interview Preparation section.

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I suspect that the coding prep section has never been unlocked for anyone, but @QuincyLarson can correct me if I’m wrong…

Originally the fourth cert was achieved after working on 4 nonprofit projects (two greenfield and two legacy projects).

No one has yet made it that far! Some nonprofit work has been done, but not enough to ‘graduate’ under the old design. The reason no one has made it that far is because most people are employable long before meeting that requirement.

So the original restriction placed on commencing work on nonprofit projects has been lifted, and I suspect that when the new curriculum structure is released things like the interview prep components will have been reimagined as something else!

Congratulations on your successes!

If you’d like to contribute to the nonprofit work, check this out:

Thank you for your answer. I have already started helping a nonprofit organization to make its app couple months ago. I will also put some time on these nonprofit work. Thank again.

Just to be 100% clear, that section is essentially a placeholder, because it is currently impossible to claim the final full stack developer certificate (that will be possible once we release beta). We’re working on the Interview Prep section (part of it is up on and it will not require any certificates to use.

Our philosophy is now that 100% of freeCodeCamp’s challenges should be fully available to anyone at any time - no previous challenge completion - or even account creation - necessary.

Thanks for your patience with this.