Can't access /learn

Right now, I can’t get to the lessons in the basic Javascript curriculum. The header for the page loads, but I just get a loading progress animation. Is there a problem on FCC’s side?

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I am having the same issue =[

I’m using Chrome for windows. I tried firefox and it seems tobe working. I’m trying a Chrome reinstall. Maybe that will work.

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Firefox is working for me too. Let me know if that Chrome reinstall helps. I like Chrome better then firefox haha

No such luck. Firefox is slow!! I may have to resort to gasp!!! MS Edge. There is a notification at the top of the FCC page saying that they are doing server maintenance . The Chrome issue may be resolved after they are through. I also noticed that in the lessons on Firefox, I am told that the page can’t access the server to update my progress. I’m okay with that because I’m reviewing.

They have sent a message in the top of the forum saying there’s going to be server maintenance.

Back to Chrome! Whew!