Can't access to my curriculum


I’m logged in the forum with an associate curriculum account but when i go to the curriculum page it ask me to sign-in… How can i log to curriculum account ?


the forum is not the same as the curriculum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer,
Yes i know, i have a curriculum account linked to my forum account. I’ve done 90% of the responsive web design challenge.
I’ve changed my PC and i’ve transfered all my PW but now how can i sign-in to my curriculum account to continue my challenge ?

Hey @nicolas!

Then you are done!

Hello, thanks for the reply

Maybe i don’t exprim myself very well, this is even sure with my bad english level.
But i don’t want to sign-in again i want to use my existing account. How to log-in with my existing account and not loose all my works ?

I can see my curriculum existing account in my preferences page here in the forum.

Use the same way i told for login.

Hello, nicolas.

As others have mentioned, signing in is the same as logging in - you do not need to register again, if you already have an account.

With the curriculum platform, your account will be linked to one email address. So, you can sign in any way you wish, provided the method uses the same email as the one you originally registered with.

Hope this clarifies

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Thanks for your replies, i’m ok now with codely instructions and Sky020 clarifications.
BTW it is not really intuitive as log-in system to click on… sign-in button ! :crazy_face:


I am having the same or similar issue. I signed in the same way I signed in that let me sign into the forum. I can sign into the forum but when I do the sign in without coming from the forum I just get an error to try again later. HELP!

If you are unable to log in or keep getting “we cannot reach the server…” it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to

You can read more about the issue here