Can't build projects on my own

I can’t build projects on my own.
I started to build a projects, and nothing works.
I don’t have even a basic undestanding of how css works.
I don’t know anything about webdesign

Have you gone through the html & css curriculum?

Yes! this is 20 characters

Yes, To build a website you should know html & CSS.
Additionally if you want to make it interactive you should learn JavaScript

Here is the responsive web design course link where you can learn Html and css

Web Design is not an easy task. You have to break down every task and take baby steps to understand. I am basically autodidact and are using mainly a fiddle in order to test over and over again until i get it. Try. repeat. Try repeat in a for loop. :slight_smile:

And you can use the “elephant method”. Imaging a big elephant (where you want to go) and start eating piece by piece. Using this method you can eat an elephant - not at once but slowly. But you have to have a vision or goal (the elephant) in order to start eating :slight_smile:

When you visualize your goal, you can create a path to achieve the goal. And this may be your first step.

What is your goal? What steps do you plan to meet the goal?

Maybe its best to go through it again and find other resources online. A lot of practice and repetition will make it stick. Trust the struggle and believe it will pay off in the end.

You can learn HTML & CSS absolutely for beginners
See this link:

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To become a web designer and developer


You have to be more specific. There is a huge difference between a designer and a developer. Which one do you want to learn first? And why? What do you want to achieve in the long term?

Get the vision first. Then you automatically will get rid of the IDK…

I want to learn frontend first.
But frontend is harder for me.

I want to become a web developer mainly.

I’m really confused.
Thanks a lot! Really motivating words.

But why do you want to be a developer?

Do you like coding? Do you like problem solving? Do you want to make life easier for the visitor? What motivates you?

Without specific goals and visions it is like Alice in the Wonderland:
“If you do not know where to go, it does not matter which way you take”.

It is a simple as this example (or it can be even simpler):

“I am interested in dogs. I want create a platform for dog owners to share views, get together and activate the dog owners for walking and so on…”

Or like what jwilkins.oboe did. Make something of your passion:

This is an example of a simple vision that can motivate you to to break down your elephant into small pieces to achieve the long term goal.

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Hi @gururajankappa !

It sounds like you want to be a web developer not a web designer.
As mentioned earlier, those are two different jobs.

Also, you haven’t shared any projects with the forum yet.
You can share one of the responsive design projects and get feedback.
That way people can help you improve :grinning:


YES! Very much

I want to create a youtube clone but not for entertainment but for learning, like udemy basically, but for FREE.
So that everyone gets to learn stuff.
With high quality videos courses.
I thought it would require some knowledge of legal stuff and have business skills, n stuff to get people to make courses on your platform.
So I scraped the idea, and just continued to learn pointlessly thinking one day I will get to know all these things, and then I can think about building the project.

I thought I needed to know more than I do now to build projects.

Great idea!
I’ll start building NOW!

But, I want to build both the frontend and the backend.
Then what do I do?

I found that the best way to learn is to look up a tutorial based on your idea, and then build upon that. I see that you had an idea for a YouTube/Udemy clone. There are tons of resources on the web you can use for the skeleton of this project. Just do a search for <your choice of technology (e.g. Ruby, Node, PHP, etc.)> YouTube Clone. You might find some GitHub repositories that you can use, or a tutorial on YouTube.

The tutorial will be more beneficial in your case, as you’ll see how the author builds the project, becoming more familiar with the code. As you now have this, you can start to edit the code to your liking - the design, features, etc. Edit the CSS, move things around, add your own features (this is where the real learning will come from).

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I’ll do that!

Yeah but there is a big difference between frontend developer and web design.

Web designers will use tools like photoshop to create the visual design and mockup of a website.

Web developers will take those designs and create a functioning website.

So yes you should understand some basics of web design (like responsiveness) but you don’t need to spend hours a day messing around with photoshop trying to create design layouts.

Just do the best you can with your designs and focus on the functionality which is the coding part.

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That’s called full stack.

Okay! I want to be that.

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