Cant change the text color to my radio buttons #13 in Survey Form

I passed this part of the challenge but i can’t barely see the text against my background. I have classes set up as well as overall properties set for the body/labels/header etc etc.
I have checked within those classes if there is a hierarchical error but can’t seem to find it. When i apply the class that i want to it changes the font size but not the color. Plz someone take a look at this.

Hint: you’ve nested the checkbox inputs in a label element.

i left that one under label cuz that was the only way i could get it to follow the class i was assigning. I fixed that but now have the same issue with the checkbox text not being able to change colors.

What I was saying was that the checkboxes had a white label because you had them nested and when I did the same with your radio button they too had a white label.

oh, well i would use that if it absolutely came down to it but I’m positive there has to be a solution and reason why this is happening. and i should understand that, as well as how to align stuff better before moving on.

Hi there, I noticed your using the br tag as a line break to seperate each section but i found that the best way to do this is nest each section into its own div tag and give the div a class or id name.

if you just try this for your checkbox section starting the div tag above your h2 header and close it under your last checkbox you can then style whatever is inside of this however you want. for example:

.check-div {
color: green;

would change the checkbox text to green. This wont change the color of your h2 header to green, this will stay white because you have set all h2 's to be white. hope that makes sense. let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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