Can't claim cert


I finished my first course, Responsive Web Design, yesterday. I’ve done all of the exercises and submitted all of the projects. When I try to claim my cert, it won’t let me click and when I hover over the checkbox it says ‘not passed’. Any idea what I could be missing?

Thanks in advance.

have you fulfilled all the user stories?

Yes, I’m pretty sure I have. I presumed if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to progress? If you didn’t fulfill one of the user stories would you get a notification/error message?

yeah…have have you accepted the academic honesty pledge…

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Welcome there,

Can you see this, in your page?

Specifically, can you see 5 Show Solution buttons? If not, one of your projects has not been submitted.

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Thank you for your help! I had accepted the pledge but while I was double-checking it in my settings, I was able to claim the certificate from there.

I got it, thank you! I didn’t realise I had to claim the cert through the settings and not on the course page.

Glad I could help ! :blush:

the same happen to me. Help us please!!!

Hi, when I went into the settings to check if I had accepted the academic honesty pledge I found the “Certificates” section and I was able to claim it from there. Do you have that option? :slight_smile:

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