Can't claim JavaScript Certification

I completed the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification projects but I can’t claim my certificate.

At the landing page, it says I have completed only 2 projects but I have completed 6 projects in total so I’m guessing it doesn’t count the JavaScript ones as completed .

I think I should be able to claim my certificate from the settings between the Academic Honesty Policy and the Danger Zone but that space is empty.


I think you’re experiencing a bug some people are having including me. No certifications part show up on your settings page, but I bet you can’t save or change any of your settings either right? There’s a few open issues about it on github, you could try adding your problems to that.

As far as I know the team is aware of it and working hard to fix it. But it seems to be quite a persistent bug. Let’s hope they find the fix soon so we can claim our certs ^^