Can't Click within dividers when trying to do courses?

Hello, everyone! I’m trying to do the courses related to bootstrap and every time I try to click on the code I can’t get my cursor to click on the part I need. For example, I’m currently working in my button function and I can’t click into my class section of it. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I’ve refreshed the page several times and it doesn’t help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Try [ctrl+F5] to refresh your page.

Refreshing the page doesn’t help. The first time this happened I could refresh the page and it would go back to normal, but I would have to refresh the page after every advance in the course. Now, refresh doesn’t help anymore.

Well, [ctrl+F5] is the shortcut for a hard refresh. If doing so didn’t work then try deleting your freeCodeCamp cookies in your browser. But before doing that, open your page in incognito mode (private mode in Firefox). If it runs fine then do the aforementioned step of clearing the specific cookies.

I tried the hard refresh, incognito, and deleting my cookies and it’s still doing this. I didn’t have this problem until I started the bootstrap courses.

In that case, check out freeCodeCamp on Put your query before the active participants. I am sure someone will help you out.

Thank you for your help!