Cant connect with twitter

I am working on a Random-Quote-Machine project for Front-end-certificate. When I try to run locally my react project and I am able to connect with Twitter, but with I get this error:random-qoute-machine error

This is my codepenLink

One more question: How can I import the bootstrap variable in CSS (sass) file

Hello there,

This looks like the same issue here: Quote Machine Tweet button doesn’t work on CodePen due to Twitter’s API · Issue #40089 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp (

This has since been closed, and should no longer be an issue. The advice is:

If you are developing this on CodePen, the restrictions prevent the Twitter link from loading in the window. Add the target="_blank" attribute as a workaround.

Or, add target="_top", if that does not work either.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot ; target="_top" worked for me

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