Can't create single scrolling page for Personal Profile

I searched everything and tried everything.

  1. That’s kind of creepy. I like it.
  2. What are you talking about? There’s not enough text on the page to scroll.

Thanks I’m glad you like it =)

I can’t figure out how to put any more content in. I want to add a second background for the portfolio page. And then a third for the contact page. I got it so that when I click on portfolio it moves to the bottom of the page, but how do I add a background and content to it?

Not sure if this will help, but check out the resources I posted here

Thanks! I’ll check those out =)

Well, by setting the background image to your body, you’re limiting yourself there. I assume you did that because you wanted to make the image full page, but you needn’t target the body to do that.

It feels like self-promotion, but I actually just got done explaining the basics of that in my technical documentation project. In short, you want to:

  1. Make sure you set body{margin: 0px}
  2. Make a div with {height: 100vh} --this sets it to 100% the screen height
  3. and then the over stuff (background-size: cover} it looks like you already know

You’ll have to ignore the problems I’m having with the navigation menu, but (I think) the page does a decent job explaining how to achieve the same effect without having to target the body.

Thanks! =) I’ll check it out.