Can't figure out how to move anchors individually

I’m trying to finish up my project but I’m having an issue in the early designing phase, I want to move each anchor individually but whenever I mess with the anchor tag in CSS all of the links become a jumbled mess and I can’t figure out how to target only one section specifically.

If anyone could help, I would be very appreciative.

link to the project for reference:

Can you be a little more specific about what exactly you are trying to do here? What do you mean by “move each anchor individually”?

Yeah sorry about that I should have elaborated clearer, what I mean is I want to be able to move the Shop, About Me, and Contact sections respectively.

Move them how? Where do you want them to be? In what order? I don’t see any CSS in the CSS editor. Have you tried anything? Do you have any vague idea of how you would do this with CSS?

Sorry- I forgot to hit save the last time I had the page open, the CSS editor shouldn’t be blank any more. I just wanted to have them moved to the middle of the page in sequential order to one another. I tried initially moving them by putting each individual href value into CSS, but I’m now realizing that I’m an idiot and probably should have given them all specific ids.

Ahh, that’s a little better :smiley:

If you want elements to move as a group then you would normally wrap them in a tag (such as a <div>) so that they all have a common parent that you can use to position them. Right now you have those three links wrapped in a <b>. Nobody uses the bold tag any more so change that to a <div> and give it an id. Now you can use that div to put those links where you want them. I suggest you read up on the CSS flexbox layout.

Also, do not use <br> to create vertical space so get rid of all of those. And don’t use &nbsp; between the links to create horizontal space (use CSS, either side padding/margin or there is a gap property you can use with flexbox).

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Thanks so much for your help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll be sure to clean up the code and keep all of that in mind for the future.

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