Can't figure out how to remove the padding

Hi all,

I cannot figure out how to remove the padding from my personal portfolio. I’ve tried setting the height to 100vhf as I seen that recommended as a solution but I think I need to remove the padding for it to work.

Sorry if I don’t have the link inputed correctly, first time posting!

Which padding do you mean? A little bit more specific detail about the problem you have would be helpful.

I noticed you have the following code in which you set the padding for all sides.


Also in your @media query you have class selectors for navbar and welcome-section which I think should be id selectors.

sorry should have explained more, why can’t people read my mind!!

I checked the developer tool on the page and it’s showing I have 30 padding on the bottom of my page and can’t figure out where it’s from.

Thanks for the info on the media query, I’ll change it around now.

I figured it out, thanks for you help.

Now I just have to make the page look somewhat presentable.

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