Can't figure out how to use dev console on browser, getting errors

I know how to open it, but whenever I do I get these errors:
I assume on my current challenge “Use Caution When Initializing Variables Inside A Loop” I’m suppose to open the dev console on that current page so I can debug the challenge right? But it doesn’t seem to be working correctly and I think its because of the errors? I don’t know how to fix this.

Those errors have nothing to do with the challenge. You’re just running an ad blocker, and those errors pop up when something has been blocked.

Oh I see. So how do I go about debugging this? Do I just type console.log() in FCC’s console because when I type it in the browser I get an error:
Edit: Nvm I got it. I’m suppose to do it in FCC’s console but an earlier challenge (the one that talked about the browser console confused me and made me think I had to do it in the browser lol).

If you want errors and console logged things from your code, clean the browser console and then press “run tests”, so that only the things from there will appear