Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong-portfolio

Hey all,
I have a feeling it has to do with one of my medias, but I can’t figure it out. I have looked over the HTML and CSS code at least 4 times - maybe I’m just tired, idk. I have corrected any spelling or punctuation errors that I can find. My issue is that all of my project names listed under the pictures are different sizes. Can anyone help?

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Go figure. I literally posted this and then found out how to fix it myself. I had wrote “product” instead of “project” at one point. Ugh. Anyway, how does it look so far?


Looks good and clean. Why not open a new topic for that in #project-feedback? I bet many people will give feedback on that.

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I will do so!
Thank you!

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Looks good. I am learning for a while and I still cannot do my own projects :frowning:.
I keep forget flexbox and I can’t make a navbar on my own for example.

Don’t give up. I have been copying the projects html and css code and then making it into my own. Tomorrow, I plan on rewriting this html and css code at least 3-4 times just to get it to stick a little more.

Check out Traversy Media on youtube. He has HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Grids, etc, etc for beginners. I really learned from him. Videos can be kind of long, but with how long you take to reread something a million times, you could have a video watched.

I have most courses from Traversy Media, Colt Steele, Andrei Neagoie etc but still, I follow them and when it comes to do something on my own I get stuck.

Probably watching videos is not my best learning method.

Also on YouTube, NeNinja is really good.


Remembering when to use CSS properties helps you to get the confidence of creating things yourself. For example, when should you use the padding property? When should you use the margin property? If you don’t think watching videos is not good, then try doing it yourself. If you don’t understand some properties, try using it and see what it does.

Flexbox is worth learning and helps you to create awesome websites easily. It’s worth trying. If you don’t like YouTube videos, then revise the freeCodeCamp Flexbox challenges.

If you don’t understand anything at all, do some research in it. Read, search, ask. That’s the way of coding.


Thanks Paul.
This is exactly what I am going to do today when I finish work.


You’ve some real good taste in UI you can be a great web designer!!


Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

The only way to make it your own is to start from a blank page and not reference the sample projects.