Can't find all FCC YouTube Videos

Ok the title sounds a bit weird, but let me explain. I spent most of last night trying to find all of the FCC videos on youtube so that I can organize them and follow through from beginning to end. I searched and sorted every way I could and still only got bits and pieces. There were a lot of playlists and others who’ve posted videos regarding FCC as well as a ton of channels. My issue is that there is a lot that FCC doesn’t cover during the challenges and want to learn all that I can, but can’t seem to be able to find all of the right videos so that I can follow along sequentially instead of constantly searching and possibly missing important information because I didn’t know about it or forgot to search for it. Any help would be more than appreciated.

Have you checked out the FCC YouTube channel? All their vids would be on there…Is this what you were looking for?

This is absolutely what I wanted. Thanks.

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