Can't find CSS element

Hi, I having issues trying to modify this element on this page When hovering over a tile the black box with white writing. I can find it in the Chrome inspector?

Hello @ant196, welcome to the forums.
Are you wanting to learn how to do the overlay? If so, try Googling something like “css hover overlay”. You can read up on how it’s done and practice it. Or refine your search to something a little more to what you’re looking for.

You can search for .vc_gitem-animate-slideInLeft .vc_gitem-zone-b

It has an opacity and transform: translateX on it. You can untick them or add a new rule by clicking the plus icon on the style tab and adding it.

/* remove opacity and transform to show the element */
.vc_gitem-animate-slideInLeft .vc_gitem-zone-b {
  opacity: 1;
  transform: translateX(0);

The actual overlay element class is .vc_custom_1419333716781

Hi Roma, I was trying to modify the look of the black text box that animates in from the left. I wanted to change its colour, opacity and text size etc. Thanks