Can't find what I am doing wrong

I think that the result should be 8,52, however FCC says that it should be 8,675.
Can someone help me figure what did I do wrong? Thanks!
My code

function getRating(watchList) {

  let imdbRating = => value["imdbRating"]);

  let ratingNum = (item) {

    return parseFloat(item)


  let divider = ratingNum.length;

  let overallRating = ratingNum.reduce((acc, currentValue) => {

   return acc + currentValue;

  }, 0.0)

  let averageRating = overallRating / divider

  return averageRating;



Link to the challenge:

The instructions say, "… of the movies directed by Christopher Nolan" Are you accounting for that?

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Oh my bad. I actually didn’t do anything for that since I thought all of them were directed by him. Thanks man.

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I’m pretty sure I missed that when I did this the first time. Part of being a developer is paying close attention to tiny details.

While I’m here, I would also point out that you could combine your two map methods. I mean, they can work separately, but would be more efficient combined.

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