Can't find what to do next

I just finished full stack web development .

Now when it comes to practice .Following along to tutorials doesn’t seem to work as they just tell you what to do and you don’t have to think on your own.

Are there any books which provide step by step projects divided into problems and solutions .It would be really helpful if someone could suggest some.

To me, step by step projects with solutions sounds exactly like tutorials. In any case, if you’ve already learned from a couple tutorials and/or freeCodeCamp projects then it sounds like it’s time to build something of your own. Make a project that you think is cool.

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I would work on a personal site to showcase your skills/personality - be sure it adequately demonstrates, tastefully, what you are capable of (DBs… ahem…). When that is not enough, perhaps consider reaching out to friends/family who might benefit from your talents - just be careful not to promise too much!

Generally speaking, what you describe is The Challenge. “Ok, I can code. Now what do I code?”

(edit/PS: I am thinking I might work on a cooking calculator when BOTW2 drops haha)

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When you know how to make a website, the next step would be to make a website.
Want a challenge? Take an existing website and try to rebuild it.
Like, I’ve seen a video about a guy taking the Netflix landing page and worked on rebuilding it with html, css and JS.

So you know, you could do that, if you have no idea for a personal website or project.


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