Can't get access to items in array

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I did only part of task and resursively filled one array with many one-item arrays (it is mergeSort function)
In merge function I’m going to compare and concat pairs of array but before it i don’t get why in resulted array of mergeSort function i have arr[0][0] as 1 - first item from array but arr[1][0], arr[2][0],arr[3][0] etc as undefined

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let arr = [];

function mergeSort(a) {
// change code below this line

let hl = parseInt(a.length / 2);
if(a.length > 1){
  let onehalf = a.slice(0,hl);
  let twohalf = a.slice(hl);

// change code above this line
return merge(arr); 

function merge(arr){
if(arr[0][0] != undefined){

  return "Yes";
  return "No";

console.log(mergeSort([1, 4, 423, 21, 10, 2, 8]));

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Challenge: Implement Merge Sort

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Please, can someone explain why despite that i have array of one item arrays I can get access only to first number through arr[0][0] - “1” but another arrays return undefined. I don’t know how to find such problem on stackoverflow