Cant get nothing done

Hello everyone… so I have been at it now for like 3 whole days… and still have NOTHING… I cant get this to work at all. I have tried everything… I have tried from scratch… I have tried to copy some code and modify it… I have actually tied everything… so I have tried to do it in Code Pen, and MS Expressions and Dreamweaver… EVERYTHING… and I have nothing…

anyone have any ideas…

This is too broad to really get useful advice!

Show us a codepen link of your portfolio so far, explaining how you intend for it to work and then we can help you reach those goals.

If you haven’t delved into Bootstrap much yet, reading through the bootstrap documentation can give you a sense of what you can do.

Alternatively, solve it one small problem at a time: want an navigation bar at the top? Google ‘bootstrap Nav bar’ and go from there…


I know it can be frustrating to get stuff working.

I feel that in order to be of any help to you, I need a little bit more information on what exactly you can’t get done. Are you talking about a specific project, are you taking about the challenges, etc. If you have links to the codepen code, even that would be a start.

Without further information, the only think I can suggest is to make sure that you have javascript (js) enabled in your browser. If it is not enabled or is being blocked, that would certainly cause problems. To check this in Chrome, you click on the ‘settings’ menu item and then the ‘content settings’ button.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the relies guys… but I have no idea what I am doing… and this is the problem. I thought when they said they were going to train me on how to do this stuff and that it would be like online classroom training… not like this… I have completed the challenges but now your asking me to do something I have no knowledge of doing in a tool that I have never seen before… This is not training to be. I think I just going to give in and call it quits. I will probably just check with the local college and see if they offer Web Development… as least

I have completed a lot of online courses but nothing like this…

FCC does not really teach you in like a tutorial sense. It instead offers challenges, projects, and algorithms to apply what you already know. I would recommend doing the HTML, CSS, and Javascript classes on, then come back and try the challenges. I like Codecademy for learning languages, but it doesn’t really have any projects to get experience on. This is where FCC comes in. FCC really does not teach you well. But you can apply and cement all the stuff you have learned elsewhere. Also I have heard that Khan academy is good and free, plus you can get good classes at edX.

Don’t feel bad if you struggle with FCC at first. It is meant to challenge you and build your portfolio and skills. Learn some stuff elsewhere, and come back, and you will be surprised at how great FCC really is!


The philosophy for this course, especially with the projects, is to learn by doing. And more specifically, learn by doing a lot of Googling! :wink:

Take it one step at a time and review what you do know.

If you know a little about HTML tags then you can start experimenting.

In the HTML panel on codepen, type:

<p>I am a web developer</p>
<p>This is my face</p>
<img src=''>

Once you have that template in there, start adding content to make it more appropriate for a portfolio.

Once you are comfortable with that, you could start to think about including bootstrap to help with the styling.

Like I said before, take one step at a time.

Going from zero to ‘build a portfolio’ is pretty hard. But going from zero to ‘put some text on a page’ is much easier.


I would second this. It sounds like you might even want a tutor if you are more inclined to a personal teaching style. I don’t recommend taking computer science classes unless you wanna make this a lifelong career. You could end up spending a bunch of money doing that. That said, if you can specify a problem I’d love to help you out a little.

I did the HTML , CSS and JavaScript on the codecabemy, but I have nothing to reference… and I don’t remember… I did all the lessons … like I said I just cant remember it all and there is no reference. I mean I have search the web but again … nothing working like it says…

How long ago did you do the lessons? You don’t remember the lessons, because you probably never used it a lot. Look through the html css course again, and start working on Tribute Page. The project will be tough since you are starting out. Don’t give up! If you encounter a problem google it or ask on here. While working on the project you can keep doing some challenges or courses somewhere else. If you have nothing to reference, try learning again, this time applying it with projects like the tribute page.

Actually, my previous advice is for someone much further behind than you currently are.

I just looked up your current portfolio on Codepen and you have the right idea, you just need to read your code carefully for errors and tweak some of the formatting a bit.

Some tools that will help you debug your work are the chrome developer tools (specifically the error console). In Chrome, pressing Ctrl+Shift+I will bring up the developer tools and you can select Console to see any errors your work might be throwing. This will point you in the right direction about what to Google.

Another set of tools that are great are the code analysers built into Codepen.

For example, in the HTML panel, click the caret menu toggle in the top left corner and select Analyze HTML and it will report on your code for you. It won’t necessarily tell you why something is a problem, but at least if gives you enough info to frame a question to ask on here.

Another thing to be aware of is that Codepen is a little non-standard compared to developing entirely on your own computer. For example, in your portfolio, you include <head>, <body> and <script> tags. These are not necessary (or advised) on Codepen, since the CSS and JS panels are automatically included. Simply write plain ol’ HTML in the HTML panel, and CSS and JS in their appropriate panels, and Codepen will link it all up for you.

When you start developing on your own system without Codepen, those <head> tags etc will be appropriate.

It’s also worth noting that the resistance you are feeling to coding is totally normal. Everyone experiences it. Even really experienced devs get bogged on issues that take them ages to resolve and a tonne of Googling, Stack-Overflowing, and head-banging.


ok I going to start all over with this portfolio page… you gave me a lot of information… plus I am pressured for time… I only have 20 hours to complete all this and I think I am like three quarters of the way. Thanks for all the information… I am just burnt out of starting over and over again… but I will give it another try… maybe take a couple days rest… I have been coding for like 20 days straight… but working as an IT tech at my day job…

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you have 20 hours? The times suggested by FreeCodeCamp are just suggestions…

I going thur this class via a college name Kanoe… its for vets… and its all free… so the first 20 hours are to see if this is something I want to do…

oh and if I do go on then its six months of online training… (but I think its all thru here) and then a mandatory apprenticeship with a company for 6 months… but i’m not sure I going to make it that far…

Oh I see. That’s pretty cool. Does this class have instructors or other students that you can bounce ideas off of? The good news is, that as a vet you’ve likely overcome much bigger challenges than coding, so if you can learn to love the inevitable frustration that comes with it you can become a good coder :slight_smile:

I’m a veteran and I would love more info about Kanoe, I can’t find anything online about it!


I went to the Texas Vet Commission… but here is a link to thier web site…

no… I dont have an instructor… I think that might be the problem… they want me to just post in the forum… Not the online training i was looking for… but still trying… LOL… I do appreciate the help i got from here

oh Jason… so i started a new one… called test…LOL… if you can get into my profile and see it … let me know what you think. oh wait… see if this works… man this is hard… but now i want my items on the top to space out and be centered… want to try and finish up this today…

just found out… I have completed the first 30 days… awesome… I want to thanks everyone here that helped me… I really appreciate the help.