Can't get past GitHub sign-up

Hi everyone. New to FreeCodeCamp. Just going through first steps but ran into a snag at the GitHub sign-up step.

I already have a GitHub account. The instructions in this step say to open the tab to the GitHub sign-up then close the tab and then select “go to my next step”. I have tried this several times without success.

Can anyone help me out here?

Hey, just by clicking the “open link in a new tab button” you can go to the next step.

Have you read the note on that page:

Note: If you already have a GitHub account, you can skip this step by clicking “Open link in new tab”, closing the new tab that opens, then clicking “go to my next step”. We removed our “skip step” button because many people would just click it repeatedly without doing these important steps.

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As my boss used to say to me…RTFM :+1:

Yes I did read the note.
I did open the link in a new tab and then closed the tab.
I was unable to get any type of response when I clicked “go to next step”

I tried the method suggested in the note several times, but no success.