Can't get past "Join a freeCodeCamp Study Group" challenge

I can’t get past “Join a freeCodeCamp Study Group” challenge, although I have joined a group. There is no button I can click on to proceed to the next challenge.

You can click Map and click the next challenge if you’re stuck.


Same problem here, I have done already all the other challenges (except becoming a supporter, in which I have the same problem)… and want to get the certification, so need to pass this challenge.

In both challenges I find the same problem: the “Finish Challenge” button does not become clickable after opening a new tab and do the tasks there…

Any help on that?

Thank you in advance!

I had the same problem, (Followed the instructions and joined the groups, but couldn’t “Clear” the section).
What I found worked was just simply editing the HTML (While in a course teaching you how to code HTML).


  1. Go to the page in question (Make sure you’re on page 2/2 of the study group section).
  2. Inspect the element (Ctrl + Shift + i || F12 then click on “elements” || or simply right click on the page a click “Inspect”.
  3. Press Ctrl + F to search (You may have to click in the Elements/Console window to target that instead of the webpage itself).
  4. Search for the word: finish
  5. Double click the button tag’s class section, then select and delete the word “disabled”
  6. Press enter, and now the “Finish challenge” button should be clickable!