Cant get this challenge to passs

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class StatefulComponent extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
  // initialize state here
  this.state = {
    name : "Alcides"

render() {
  return (
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Challenge: Create a Stateful Component

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while your code does render, the challenge insists state be set to ‘firstName’ and not just ‘name’

thank you i just resolved it

@alcidescodes Please do not create duplicate topics in the future. Asking the same question multiple times creates split threads where people take time to answer your question even though you already solved the challenge based on answers received in a different thread. It wastes our volunteers’ time doing so. There is nothing stopping you from replying back to your own topic to ask further questions though to “bump” thread though.

Thank you for understanding. I am going to unlist the other thread.