Can't insert image into my tribute page using CodePen

Here is the code I used. This is what the image is saved as but it doesn’t show up. Are .png not supported? I’ve tried .jfif and .webp files and none are working.

<figure id"img-div">
      <img id="image" src="Muhammad Ali.png" alt="Muhammad Ali"/>
      <figcaption id="img-caption">

Does the audit of the page by freecodecamp dictate it must show up correctly? Because I could submit it as is and we could see if it passes.

just search image on web then right click copy image source adress. Also for tribute page i also did Muhammed Ali :))

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That worked!!! You’ve made me very happy I was ready to give up learning code and go back into construction loool thanks a lot!
p.s. nice choice :wink:

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the issue is that you need to link to an image available online, not on your computer

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