Can't install freecodecamp to use it offline

I followed this tutorial : Learn coding on FreeCodeCamp without internet access | CODING w/RICKY
but after cloning and running
npm ci
i get this error :

Welcome there,

I have never seem this specific error myself, but it seems to suggest there is an issue with your workspace.

That is, ensure you have:

  • Followed the up-to-date freeCodeCamp contributors documentation
  • Installed/Used the correct version of npm and node
  • Realise that we do not recommend developing/building the freeCodeCamp platform on Windows, unless you are prepared for a lot of debugging. Personally, I use WSL2 for most/all of my development, and it works almost as well as a native Linux environment, but requires a lot of setup.

Hope this helps

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Hi there , thank you so much for taking time to reply , I deeply appreciate it.

First , Iā€™d like to say that I indeed tried on Linux and got the same issue , and tried many suggested solutions I could find but nothing.
I will try your suggestions and make sure that everything is right , and again Thank you so much <3

I get the cb() never called issue sometimes when my internet is spotty. Usually works on the second attempt though.

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