Can't log into my free code camp account

All I know from looking at the settings is that my username is fcc4258e235-ac19-42ca-849a-3a34b71d6994

Every time I try to log into my free code camp account with my laptop, I keep finding accounts with different user names. I’ve tried several different ways via email or via google or via github and I keep finding different accounts.

When I do try to sign in via email, instead of asking for a password, it sends an email with a code, which logs into the wrong account.

I do see an email in my user settings, when I try to use that email to log in via email, it just sends a code which I receive and then signs me into a completely different account. It looks like free code camp accounts can have the same emails and there isn’t a way for the system to tell the difference. If I could sign in with this ‘user name’ fcc4258e235-ac19-42ca-849a-3a34b71d6994, that would be one thing, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. I can’t tell what makes this account unique besides username so I have no clue how to sign into it.

Was your original account linked to another platform (GitHub, Twitter, etc)? Are all of the email addresses on these accounts the same? Have you changed the email address of any of those accounts since creating your FCC account?

FCC accounts are identified by email address, so with an email login you won’t have multiple accounts associated with the same email address, but things can get really weird if your mixing account email addresses.

I mistakenly signed out but I can’t sign in, I used my email to sign in, but now it’s not sending any code

Your spam filter may be blocking freeCodeCamp.

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So what do I do? is the spam filter in my gmail

Yes. The spam filtering is done by your gmail account.
screnshot of spam folder

I just confirmed that freeCodeCamp’s OTP is working. Wait a few minutes after entering your email on freeCodeCamp. If the email doesn’t show up in your inbox, check your spam folder and look for the freeCodeCamp email there