Can't log into my old account

I have been away for some time, about 1 and a half years, maybe 2. My account still seems to be active but I can’t log into it with the new system. I know it’s probably not relevant as things seem to have changed considerably but just wondering if its possible.


Jason (Raavin)

All you need to do is provide the email address associated with your account. A confirmation code will be emailed to you at that address. You may need to check your spam filter.

Yeah, unfortunately no. It seems like transferring our old profiles may not have been implemented yet. I’ve tried just entering my email but I think I had it linked through github. The email => code login should be opt in. It’s a kinda ridiculous level of security for this application.It also has ended up making it more difficult to transition.

If logging in via email gets you a completely new profile, then the automated process wasn’t able to associate it with your old profile and Quincy will need to merge the accounts manually. You can email with the details of your accounts. Please be patient. There’s a lot going on right now.

Thanks for that. I’l give it a try but maybe I’ll wait a bit. Looking at the curriculum, it’s changed a fair bit so it looks like I’ll have to do everything from the start anyway. Cheers again