Can't make a decision, need an advice

Hey everybody!

So I’m visiting the forum after lot of months because I think I’m (kinda) lost.

I learnt HTML, CSS and JS from FCC and some YouTube videos, everything free, but one day I thought to buy a Udemy course, but it didn’t went very well, the decision proved to be wrong ( maybe).

I bought a react course of Brad Schiff, he is very good at teaching concepts but I don’t know why after getting almost at half of the course, I thought that I am not ready for React so I should learn things like MongoDB, Express and Node.js first(because he was also using these in the course), so I bought another course this time of the same person. After doing quarter of the course, I tried to read the code I written with the course and I didn’t understood a word. I had the same feeling while doing the react course.

And now I’m here confused on what should I do now !

Any advice would be helpful !!

Deal with the fact that you will not be able to learn everything.

Learn free materials here and there, get solid grasp on fundamentals.
Then focus on whatever part comes easiest to you, or what you like/want the most.

Start buying SOME courses when you will start specializing in CS area of your choosing.
All other things are just documentation and free materials and you should be good.


There isn’t a perfect direct line where you can learn one resource, and then start another resource without any problem. There could be problems, missing aspects with what you started learning with. Or the course expects you to understand other aspects you never learned about.

The discrepancies between resources is something you’d have to determine and individually seek out yourself. I do not suggest buying more courses mainly because you’ll end up with a similar problem, until you pay a lot more money for enough courses to gather just a few pieces of information the other’s are missing.

I’d review the courses where you feel “stuck” and try to find resources for each individual piece of information your not understanding.

For example, FreeCodeCamp goes over React, but doesn’t go over the hooks api, because it wasn’t released at the time. This would be an area where a course could use this, but you aren’t aware of it.

Not everything has a course, and not everything is well organized for you to learn. You will have to “branch out” of structured learning situations and environments and learn specifics on the fly as you need them. Over time this will become more of the norm as you become more familiar with whatever your doing, but in the mean time structure courses like this Udemy course can at least serve as a starting point for you to realize you don’t know something, and thus help you find things to learn!

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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Thanks @bradtaniguchi and @MyTrueName .Maybe I would have leave courses and start learning more by docs and free online sources. Last question, is the React part of FCC still too good or updated ? Because I heard someone saying that they are not. Thank you!

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What you will find pretty quickly in this industry is that libraries and frameworks change a lot.

The fcc video course are pretty good because they release a new version every few months.

You can go through that and start building small projects to strengthen your understanding.

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Thank you very much Jessica !

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