Can't make my quotes machine to display random quotes.What is this happening?

<div class ="container-fluid text-center">
  <h1> Random Quotes Machine</h1>
  <p>Some inspirational quotes</p>
 <img src=""/>
  <button type="button" class = "btn btn-default btn-primary" type = "Submit" id="newQuote"> New Quote</button>
  <a href="#" class="btn btn-default btn-primary" id="tweet">Tweet out</a>
  <div class ="quotes">
    <span class ="quote">Hi</span>
    <span class ="author">-There</span>
<div class="footer"> by <a href="">Spiros</a>

 function getQuote(){
  var quotes = ["Hi","Yo","Hiya","kkk"];
  var authors = [ "1","2","3","4"];
  var randomNum = Math.floor((Math.random()*quotes.length));
  var randomQuote = quotes[randomNum];
  var randomAuthor = author[randomNum]; 
$("#tweet").on("click",function(){"" );  


You have some typos.

".newQuote" should be "#newQuote".

author[randomNum] should be authors[randomNum].

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Thanx!Iwas killing me forr days!!! I am really grateful!