Can't pass a Test in Relational Database - Salon Appointment Scheduler

I got stuck at the Salon Appointment Scheduler.
I finished the DB related tests, but the first test related to the bash code is not working.

that’s the test: You should display a numbered list of the services you offer before the first prompt for input, each with the format #) <service> . For example, 1) cut , where 1 is the service_id

I tried it with the db [PICK_MENU2()] and hard coded [PICK_MENU2()], both didn’t work

can somebody help me with this ? :slight_smile:

I copied your script and slightly modified the PICK_MENU to use this line:

echo "$SERVICES" | while IFS="|" read SERVICE_ID NAME

That passed the test. I tried your PICK2_MENU, that didn’t pass - I’m not sure why, seems like it should have - didn’t really dig into it. I would see if what I did works for you.